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  • Students from different schools compete against each other in a Soccer Game

  • Drill team students take a flick before performance

  • Oak Street Elementary students check on their garden

About leap

Presentation1 Learning Enrichment After-School Program (leap) has serviced thousands of underprivileged, elementary and middle school students and their families since its inception in 2004. We currently support over 2300 students and their families each day in Southern California.

Every day, from the close of the school day until 6:00PM, the leap staff, contractors and volunteers deliver safe, highly engaging environments. We provide nutritious meals or snacks, homework support, creative enrichment classes, and academic tutoring – at no cost to parents.


Ultimately we want students to make healthy lifestyle decisions. We have found that environments, where learning supports mastery, is collaborative and active, produce individuals who are more confident, disciplined and motivated to accomplish something. That first “something” will be to graduate from high school and then college or pursue a career with passion.

We believe that supporting the total person: physically, academically, and creatively builds an inspired student who dreams more, reaches higher and goes on to be a healthy, productive citizen. She knows that beauty comes in countless packages. He knows that value is not measured by money. We believe they will break the mold of hopelessness and lead their generation with boldness, creativity and compassion.

Executive Director

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